Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Arkansas:
Mangalitsa piglets
we have gilts and barrows swallow belly Mangalitsa...born Sep 24,2016...ready for your farm table
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Miller County, Arkansas
Price: $500.00
Mangalitsa pigs
We have 3 blonde gilts that are almost breeding age and 2 cut males the same age. We have 3 blonde gilts at about 10-12 weeks and 3 cut males the same age. Texts preferred. olde...
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Washington County, Arkansas
Price: $500
Wanted:  We are interested in raising Mangalista and need some to get started
If you have some Mangalista hogs for sale within reasonable distance to Searcy, Ar please let us know. Thank You.
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White County, Arkansas
Price: ??????????