Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Denmark:
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Mangalitsa pigs for sale
Purebred Mangalitsa Pigs for sale! Pastured, no hormones, no drugs. These are from excellent unrelated stock. These pigs are known for their highly marbled meat with exceptional...
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Waseca County, Minnesota
Price: 250
Swallow-belly Piglets for Sale
We have an assortment of 1 day old and 8 week old piglets. In the first litter we have 2 boars, three barrows, and 1 gilt. We would like to sell all at once. In the other...
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Polk County, North Carolina
Price: 200
Purebreed and cross breed Mangalitsa
I will have both pure blonde mangalitsa and blonde and swallow belly crosses for sale very soon and have hampshire mangalitsa cross and berkshire mangalitsa cross already on the...
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Mason County, West Virginia
Price: 150-800
Swallow Belly Mancalistas
4 month old Growers pasture fed and organic produce daily will sell separate or as heard with two gilds and 12 month old boar separate provable pure Hungarian blood lines ex...
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Elbert County, Colorado
Price: $700
Blonde/Swallow Belly Mangalitsa pigs for sale
Blonde/Swallow Belly crossed Mangalitsa pigs for sale. Born on Jan. 4th 2016. 3 gilts - $500.00 each. 3 barrows - $500.00 each. Both parents are unrelated and have...
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King County, Washington
Price: $500.00