Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Hungary:
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Wanted:  Want Red (ginger color) gilts, sow
I am looking for red female Mangalitsas. Have one boar from a mixed-color litter. I'm located in Mid-West. Will pick up if close, air transport if piglets. We have swallowbelly...
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Green County, Wisconsin
Price: Contact us
Blonde mangalista and blonde swallow bellie crosses, weaned and ready
Blonde/swallow bellie gilts and boars for sale,,the more you buy the cheaper they will be. please call for availability. Call or text Evenings are best ,you may have to...
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Crawford County, Indiana
Price: 200, or 5 for 500
Mangalitsa pigs for sale
Mangalitsa pigs for sale. Two to six months old Please text
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Grayson County, Texas
Price: 500-750
Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa For Sale
Boars and Gilts available from Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa stock. Raised on pasture and supplemented with a non-gmo blend of wheat and barley. Will be available after November...
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Rappahannock County, Virginia
Price: $1000
Mangalista Piglets
We have boars and gilts pure bred Mangalista Piglets for sale. Swallow Bellies and Blondes. We are willing to deliver. Excellent breed to raise for meat and great disposition...
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Williamson County, Tennessee
Price: 400.00