Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Italy:
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Mangalitsa Piglets for Sale
These babies were born on 3/22/18 to a first time sow who produced wonderfully with 11 healthy piglets. The sow is a very well tempered animal with a calm docile personality. Sh...
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Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Price: 300-400
Mangalica Pigs
Mangalica Purebred Piglets Boars For Sale Blondes & Swallow bellies
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Cass County, Minnesota
Price: $200 Negotiable
Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale
Six Swallow-bellied piglets were born the first day of summer, Jun 21. These piglets will be available in August of 2018 for a starting price of $400 dollars. Please Email or...
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Polk County, North Carolina
Price: Negotiable
Blonde mangalista and blonde swallow bellie crosses, weaned and ready
Blonde/swallow bellie gilts and boars for sale,,the more you buy the cheaper they will be. please call for availability. Call or text Evenings are best ,you may have to...
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Crawford County, Indiana
Price: 200, or 5 for 500
Pure Mangalitsa Breeding Boar (4 months old)
We have a 4 month old breeding boar for sale. Mother: First generation Hungarian sow (she was born to two imported pigs from Pure Mangalitsa (Bacska line) Father: Boar from...
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Madison County, Georgia
Price: 1,000