Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Kansas:
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Mangslitsa Pigs
Mangalitsa Pigs available. We have 2 unrelated litters available to supply you with a pure Mangalitsa Breeding Pair. They will be weaned and ready to go mid August. Call for...
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Medina County, Ohio
Price: Contact us
Pure-bred swallow-bellied Mangsalitsa for sale
We currently have two gilts and a boar that we are using for breeding. I believe that one of our pigs was bred on February 22nd, which means that we may have pigs in mid June. P...
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Polk County, North Carolina
Price: $400
Blond Mangalitsa and Berkalitsa For Sale
We currently have Blond Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for sale $350 & Berkshire/Mangalitsa crosses $150. Born in March & May 2015. Ready to go now.
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Berrien County, Michigan
Price: $150 to $300
Omnivorous Earth
62.5% and 100% pure Swallow Bellied Mangalitsa gilts and barrows available for sale starting in April 2018. Parents are raised on a rotating pasture with no hormones or...
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Monroe County, West Virginia
Price: 200-400
Mangalitsa pigs for sale
Purebred Mangalitsa Pigs for sale! Pastured, no hormones, no drugs. These are from excellent unrelated stock. These pigs are known for their highly marbled meat with exceptional...
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Waseca County, Minnesota
Price: 250