Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Latvia:
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Mangalitsa Red Purebred Breeding Stock
We have true pure bred Mangalitsa Red piglets packages available for pre-order this Spring/Early Summer @ 3 months old. Our breeding stock (ALL UNRELATED) were imported from...
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Boundary County, Idaho
Price: TBD
Mangalitsa Piglets for Sale
These babies were born on 3/22/18 to a first time sow who produced wonderfully with 11 healthy piglets. The sow is a very well tempered animal with a calm docile personality. Sh...
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Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Price: 300-400
Mangalista's for Sale
We have weaned purebred Mangalitsa gilts and boars for sale. We can match them for breeding pairs if desired. There are a variety of blondes and swallow bellies. We also...
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Lynn County, Texas
Price: 800
Mangalitsa breeding stock, piglets
I have one swallow belly boar left and 4 blond boars. and loads of both. These little guys are certified Winkler genetics, almost 4 months old, recently weaned...
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Douglas County, Oregon
Price: 1800.00
Mangalitsa pigs
We have 3 blonde gilts that are almost breeding age and 2 cut males the same age. We have 3 blonde gilts at about 10-12 weeks and 3 cut males the same age. Texts preferred. olde...
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Washington County, Arkansas
Price: $500