Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Manitoba:
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Mangalitsa Piglets
Mangalitsa Piglets. Swallow belly. 8 weeks old. We have a couple healthy boars left. Contact with any questions.
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Kootenai County, Idaho
Price: 250
Blonde and Swallow Belly piglets
Blonde and Swallow Belly Mangalitsa piglets available. All born the week of July 4th and are fully weened. $250/gilt, $150/boarling, $100/barrow. Lots to choose from, discounts...
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Oneida County, New York
Price: $250.00
Swallow Belly Mancalistas
4 month old Growers pasture fed and organic produce daily will sell separate or as heard with two gilds and 12 month old boar separate provable pure Hungarian blood lines ex...
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Elbert County, Colorado
Price: $700
Red Mangalitsa Breeding Stock For Sale
Hungarian Red Breeders from 2014 Import and Austrian/Hungarian Swallow bellied and Red Stock from 2016 Importation! Don't be fooled or purchase undocumented inbred or counterfe...
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Sonoma County, California
Price: call/email
Red and Swallow Belly piglets for sale
Purebred Red Mangalitsa feeders for sale, weaned and ready Unrelated breeding pairs also available with documented bloodlines Limited availability on swallow belly feeders...
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Maricopa County, Arizona
Price: Call or email