Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in New Mexico:
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Purebred Mangalistas!
Mangalitsa piglets born on July 2nd, 2017! Very healthy animals from a very hearty breed. 100% pasture raised , never confinement! This is a docile breed, and they are great...
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Waseca County, Minnesota
Price: 350
Mangalista's for Sale
We have weaned purebred Mangalitsa gilts and boars for sale. We can match them for breeding pairs if desired. There are a variety of blondes and swallow bellies. We also...
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Lynn County, Texas
Price: 800
Mulefoot White Mangalista Cross piglets for sale!!
4 Mullfoot, Mangalista boar piglets for sale! $400 a boar. Mother of piglets is a mullfoot sow and she was bred by a white Mangalista boar. Contact Eric Browder at 1-660-815-39...
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Saline County, Missouri
Price: $500
Mangalitsa breeding Stock for sale
I have purebred Mangalitsa blonde breeding stock for sale.$1000 per piglet. We only sell the best out of each litter and raise the rest for meat. Contact us for any questions we...
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Greenbrier County, West Virginia
Price: $1000
Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for Sale
We have Blonde Mangalitsa and Swallow-Belly Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for sale. We also have Mangalitsa / Berkshire Cross Feeder Pigs. Call for pricing and availability.
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Surry County, Virginia
Price: Call for Pricing and Availability