Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Nova Scotia:
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Mangalitsa Breeding Stock for Sale
Breeding Boars and Gilts from unrelated lines from Wooly Pigs. We maintain different boar and gilt lines for breeding. Also, feeder pigs are available so you can grow your own...
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Taylor County, Iowa
Price: 1000-2500
Pure Bred Mangalitsa Piglets and Sows for sale
Blonde and Swallow Belly Piglets and Sows for sale. Feeders and Piglets Available Now. Contact us today to get yours.
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Bladen County, North Carolina
Price: 400.00
Purebred Swallow-Bellies
Purebred Mangalitsa Piglets for sale 4 gilts and 10 borrows About a year old (Sept/Oct/Nov litters) Parents: Purebred-Swallow belly Gilts-300$. Borrows-175$. (Deals on...
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Henry County, Iowa
Price: Contact us
Grass Fed 100% Purebred Mangalitsa
Grass Fed 100% Purebred Mangalitsa. We have gained in numbers and are extremely pleased with what our beautiful Mangalitsa's have produced. With a healthy environment and good...
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Riverside County, California
Price: Contact us
Pure bred Blonde mangalistas Boar for sale or trade
Pure bred blonde boar born on november 1 . I will trade for a swallow bellie or blonde boar of a different line. Please call or text in the evening, you may have to leave a...
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Crawford County, Indiana
Price: 475