Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Portugal:
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Pure Mangalitsa
We specialize in unique pure bred Blond Mangalitsa Pigs, the original and most popular Mangalitsa breed in the world. Breeders: We offer selected gilts and sows, together...
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Ingham County, Michigan
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Sallow Belly 1 gilt, 2 barrow
Born Oct. 16, 2014 Barrows $150 each. Gilt $1000.
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Pierce County, Washington
Price: $150
Mangalitsa Piglets for sale, the KOBE beef of pork!
Mangalitsa piglets for sale, 2 different litters. Wonderful red meat with marbling!
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Houston County, Georgia
Price: $700.00
Mangalitsa Breeding Stock for Sale
Breeding Boars and Gilts from unrelated lines from Wooly Pigs. We maintain different boar and gilt lines for breeding. Also, feeder pigs are available so you can grow your own...
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Taylor County, Iowa
Price: 1000-2500
Mangalitsa (Wooly pigs) For Sale
Marez Family Farm Proudly Presents genuine heritage Mangalitsa Swallow Belly Pigs or Wooly Pigs. This rare and highly sought after breed has been featured on many food programs...
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Madera County, California
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