Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Scotland:
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Pure Blonde Mangalitsa
At Silhouette Farms we have about 100 pure blonde mangalitsa pigs ranging from weanling to slaughter (300lbs) size. Our herd is pasture raised and feed a special diet to promote...
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Bladen County, North Carolina
Price: $150 and up
Mangalitsa Breeding Stock for Sale
Breeding Boars and Gilts from unrelated lines from Wooly Pigs. We maintain different boar and gilt lines for breeding. Also, feeder pigs are available so you can grow your own...
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Taylor County, Iowa
Price: 1000-2500
Pure bred blond mangalitsa feeder pigs. $900.00 each. Castrated pure mangalitsa males. Starting at $350. Caste rated males ready for slaughter $1,000.00 approx 275 lbs
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Cullman County, Alabama
Price: $350+
Blond Mangalitsa and Berkalitsa For Sale
We currently have Blond Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for sale $350 & Berkshire/Mangalitsa crosses $150. Born in March & May 2015. Ready to go now.
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Berrien County, Michigan
Price: $150 to $300
Swallow-belly Piglets for Sale
We have an assortment of 1 day old and 8 week old piglets. In the first litter we have 2 boars, three barrows, and 1 gilt. We would like to sell all at once. In the other...
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Polk County, North Carolina
Price: 200