Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Slovenia:
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Mangalitsa (Wooly) Pigs (pic for attention)
Purebred Mangalitsa Piglets for sale 4 gilts and 10 borrows About a year old (Sept/Oct/Nov litters) Parents: Purebred-Swallow belly Gilts-300$. Borrows-175$. (Deals on...
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Henry County, Iowa
Price: 175-300
Pure blood Swallow Belly Mangalitsa piglets for sale
We have a litter of 7 and we will be selling 5 of them. They are now 7 weeks old now. They are Franz blood lines. Call for more info. We can arrange delivery.We will be posting...
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Todd County, Minnesota
Price: REDUCTION $350
Mangalitsa piglets for sale
We have a variety of mangalitsa for sale blonds swallow bellies and reds have many blonds and swallow bellied and will soon have reds
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Trumbull County, Ohio
Price: $200-$1500
Mangalitsa breeding stock, piglets
I have one swallow belly boar left and 4 blond boars. and loads of both. These little guys are certified Winkler genetics, almost 4 months old, recently weaned...
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Douglas County, Oregon
Price: 1800.00
Mangalitsa's Pigs for sale
3 Swallow Belly Gilts 1 Swallow Belly Boar, 1 Blonde Boar All 5 are 5 Months old - $400 ea. 1 Bred Blonde Sow - $1250 1 Swallow Belly Boar - $800
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Elmore County, Alabama
Price: 400 - 1250