Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Wisconsin:
Mangalitsa Swallowbelly Boars
Swallowbelly boars 4mos and 6 mos. Also a few 4mos old blonde. Will have new litters in mid-February. Weaned mid-April. Text or email reply best. Website in developm...
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Green County, Wisconsin
Price: $600-$800
Wanted:  Want Red (ginger color) gilts, sow
I am looking for red female Mangalitsas. Have one boar from a mixed-color litter. I'm located in Mid-West. Will pick up if close, air transport if piglets. We have swallowbelly...
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Green County, Wisconsin
Price: Contact us
Mangalitza cross 1 yr old gilt.
Hello, I have a blonde mangalitsa, red wattle cross gilt. She has thick long hair that curls in the winter and wattles. She is a great girl raised on pasture and hay, no...
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Washburn County, Wisconsin
Price: 300
Mangalitsa Piglets
Mangalitsa Piglets born Feb. 7 and 8, 2017. The wooly "sheep" pig imported from Hungary. This breed is extremely hardy, docile and loves belly rubs, organic pasture raised which...
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Crawford County, Wisconsin
Price: $400
Blonde Mangalitsa Piglets for Sale
Blonde Mangalitsa Piglets born April 2018, ready for their new home end of June 2018. 6 gilts, 5 boars. Deposit to hold. Deposit to castrate. Raised naturally. Good mothering. N...
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Lafayette County, Wisconsin
Price: $300.
Several Mangalista pigs for sale
We have several Mangalista for sale. 2 swallow belly bores, approximate ages 8 and 12 months, 8 blonde gilts, approximate ages 14 months, and 2 swallow belly sows, approximatel...
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Pierce County, Wisconsin
Price: negotiable