Mangalitsa Pigs For Sale and Wanted in Wyoming:
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Mangalista Pigs & Piglets
Mangalitsa Pigs and Piglets. Swallow Belly variety (cross of Black and Blonde) which makes a very rare sout after Mangalitsa. 1 Bore for Breeder. .1 Sow for breeder plus 1 Gilt...
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Erie County, Ohio
Price: Call for Pricing
Mangalitsa Piglets (wooly pig)
We have Mangalitsa piglets for sale swallow belly and blonde piglets born march 2016 please email for more info located in Pennsylvania
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Chester County, Pennsylvania
Price: 19320
Swallow belly mangalitsa gilts
I have two litters on the ground and would prefer to sell a few of the gilts to start other breeders. The first litter is ready early July. The second litter late July.
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Montezuma County, Colorado
Price: $1100
Pacific NW Mangalica's Available
I have a limited number of Swallow Belly piglets, intermediate and adult boars, barrows, gilts and sows available for sale. Including some Blond mix. If you are interested in...
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Lewis County, Washington
Price: Contact us
Mangalitsa Piglets/ or adults
I have pure blondes and swallow bellies and a few crosses of the two. We have our first litter of the year on the ground and are expecting 4 more litters before we settle down...
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Bedford County, Virginia
Price: 300-900